Welcome one and all to the new web presence for our long running organisation. Started in 1987 by Mrs D Witter, Wirral Animal Welfare has been dedicated to rescuing local abandoned or unwanted animals and doing our best to find them new homes for over 20 years.

We mainly work with dogs, but over the years we have helped cats, rodents and even a crocodile. Well maybe not crocs, but you get the idea. Our animals come from a wide range of backgrounds and come in all shapes sizes, ages and conditions. More often than not they come to us by arrangement with the owner or their relatives due to a change in circumstances or bereavement. As such, many of our animals are actually a far easier pets to bring into your life than a young pup or kitten from a breeder. Obviously not all our rescue cases are like this though but rest assured that all our animals are assessed for difficulties and we do our best to ensure that potential adopters are a suitable match.

Here at Wirral Animal Welfare we pride ourselves on helping animals through sickness and distress. Where necessary we provide veterinary treatment and we never put a dog down unless under our vets recommendation for the animals comfort. On arrival all animals get a health check followed by a continuous assessment of their well being whilst waiting to be rehomed. If any problems present themselves we arrange for our vet to treat them before rehoming. Where any issues have long term treatment requirements we always inform potential adopters and where necessary can sometimes help with ongoing veterinary care

As well as working to provide temporary care and find forever homes for animals that are already in our care, we are also available to offer advice. Whether you are considering adoption or struggling with your pet we are hear to help. We also have an excellent network of contacts that can help you with everyday pet needs such as training, vetinary care, boarding kennels and supplies. Please see our links page or get in touch with one of our volunteers

Registered charity number: 518910
Areas Covered

In the past our animals have predominantly been rehomed in the Wirral. This makes it easy for us to arrange both a home check and a follow up with our volunteers. Recently however we have started to home outside of the area with help from a National dog-training company. For a small additional fee (£15) we can arrange for one of their national representatives to perform the Housecheck so you can take any dog home with you when you come to meet them.